Oh, hello there! My name’s Rhianne (the lassie behind Oh for print’s sake!) and I’m a Scottish designer from Dundee. 

Being true to my roots, both as a designer and Scot, my desire is to craft beautiful prints that celebrate our Scottish quirks and heritage. Dundonian history is a huge influence on my design practice and I love being able to share our city’s past in new and alternative ways. I’m drawn to bold patterns, playful typography and colour in my print design.

Several of my prints began life as a university project to learn about the forgotten history of an old family shop on the high street dating back to the 1930s. My prints are there to spark conversation, a fond trip down memory lane, a chance to share our Dundee memories.​​​​​​​ I see the design process as a craft and I create prints that are a real labour of love.

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